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Flexible Term Options

Rising costs keeping you from expanding your business? Well now you have NO MORE EXCUSES. With the flexible terms, space and services we offer, you can spend more time growing your business! Why wait? Join us today and let us help you expand with our specialized services. Considering the low rent per square foot along with the excellent labor force in this area, Millers Falls is the economical choice to relocate from Springfield, Greenfield, Amherst and any other more expensive area in MA.

(From $95/Month including lighting & heating) - Rent space for a few months or as long as required & as your business grows, rent more office space & warehouse space as needed. Use our business services & manufacturing capabilities, as needed with flexible term options. Rent per pallet starting form $5.00 a pallet/month. Conveniently located off Route 2 & within proximity of I-91. See space & services available.


Click on the Tabs below for specific information on our available space and services

Office Space Information


  • Reception area
  • Restrooms with janitorial service
  • Heating & cooling climate control
  • Friendly & knowledgeable staff available for support services on an as needed basis
  • Private & personal mail Service (pick-up and delivery) – flexible terms
  • Convenient FREE parking, includes snow removal & maintenance
  • Parking easily accommodates 75 to 100 cars
Executive Board Room
Executive Board Room available with conference room Audiovisual Videoconferencing capability with video screens State-of-the-art high-speed Internet service Access to kitchenette with stove-top, microwave, sink & refrigerator
7 Offices
Large open rooms with large windows & natural sunlight Fully furnished (optional), professionally equipped offices Rent all or as many as needed State-of-the-art high-speed Internet service
Reception area
Greet visitors and business associates at your leisure in the reception area
Open Meeting Room
Eat meals or use as a large meeting area
Nestled within the building is an artist studio with high ceilings and storage area
Ideal for a film/photo studio & design studio
Easily prepare & enjoy your lunch & snacks
Refrigerate lunches & prepare warm ones on the stove top or microwave
Sink, cabinets, coffee maker…

Office Availability

Building 11 - A Ground Floor

Total SqFT : 342 sq/ft $/Month : Rented

Building 12 - A 2nd Floor

Total SqFT : 135 sq/ft $/Month : Rented

Building 12 - B 2nd Floor

Total SqFT : 270 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire

Building 12 - C 2nd Floor

Total SqFT : 600 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire

Building 12 - F 2nd Floor

Total SqFT : 870 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire

Building 12 - G Ground Floor

Total SqFT : 1005 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire

Building 12 - H Ground Floor

Total SqFT : 570 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire

Building 12 - I Ground Floor

Total SqFT : 135 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire

Building 12 - J Ground Floor

Total SqFT : 225 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire

Building 12 - K Ground Floor

Total SqFT : 345 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire

Building 12 - L Ground Floor

Total SqFT : 435 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire

Building 12 - M Ground Floor

Total SqFT : 506 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire

Artist Loft Studio

Total SqFT : various $/Month : Inquire

Penthouse 3rd Floor

Total SqFT : 3,200 sq/ft $/Month : Inquire
Includes. but is not limited to: Heating & Lighting, Internet T-1 access -additional $20 per month, Shipping & Receiving - no need to wait all day for a package!, Furnished or unfurnished as needed, Shared bathrooms including janitorial service, FREE Parking including snow removal

Manufacturing Information

Manufacturing Services

  • Full dock available with unloading and loading service provided
  • Conveyor belt system available for packaging & shipping
  • Pick & Pack rates
  • Shipping & expediting available, pick-up & delivery (UPS/USMAIL)
  • Pick & Pack pallets available
  • Crating Service, clear film shrink wrap & foam & place
  • We RECEIVE for you, forklift Service up to 5K lbs.
  • Light Assembly Packing Area Space Area
  • Basic office trash disposal

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Sand cast pouring aluminum & brass
  • Forging wrought iron steel
  • Powder coating on brass, aluminum & steel
  • Stamping copper & brass
  • Polishing, sanding & sandblasting
  • Tube cutting & polishing
  • Sheet metal cutting & folding
  • CNC machining
  • Clear film shrink wrap
  • Foam & place

East Coast Warehouse Distribution Information

Let us be your East Coast distribution center CONSOLIDATE & QUALITY CONTROL for you! Need ONE or ALL these services? We consolidate shipments from all major Chinese ports! Consolidate, Q.C. (quality control) store & ship your products to U.S. and International customers for you! Conveniently located between New York & Boston - Off I-91 and RT-2.

Consolidating and Warehousing

Commercial Warehouse Space
Lease or NO LEASE at your option
Rent what you need and rent more as your business grows
Pallet & rack storage 4ft. height from $5.00/per month/per pallet
Forklift service up to 5K lbs, as needed we RECEIVE, STORE & SHIP for you!
Climate control storage as needed
Warehousing climate control inside
Abundant gated storage on exterior lots
Conveyor system
Pick & Pack rates
Crating service, shipping & expediting, pick-up, delivery
Clear film shrink wrap & foam & place
Light assembly packing area
Full docks available with loading & unloading services provided
Basic trash disposal & janitorial services
FREE Parking easily accommodates 75-100 cars, larger vehicle parking also
Seasonal businesses WELCOME

Receiving and Distribution

Docks & Overhead Doors
Full dock available with unloading and loading service provided
UPS/USMAIL docks available

Storage per pallet on optional racking system

Starting from $5.00 per pallet/month, as needed
• Rent what you need and rent more as your business grows
• Pallet & Rack storage area available from $5.00 per pallet/month
• Pallet & Rack bays available for standard pallets, 4 feet HT.
• Climate control storage as needed
• Abundant gated storage on exterior lots

Indoor/Outdoor Warehousing Information

We can warehouse or store anything you need whether it's equipment, inventory or seasonal items. With or without pallets - pallet service at your convenience starting from $5.00 pallet/month.


  • Climate control storage as needed
  • With or without pallets
  • Pallet service at your convenience starting from $5.00 pallet/month
  • Racking system optional
  • High ceilings - large equipment storage
  • Full dock available
  • Seasonal businesses WELCOME


  • Abundant gated storage on exterior lots
  • With or without pallets
  • Pallet service at your convenience starting from $5.00 pallet/month
  • Seasonal businesses WELCOME
  • Snow removal

Parking small, large, recreational vehicles etc...

Indoor or Outdoor

  • INDOOR STORAGE from $50/month - OUTDOOR STORAGE from $25/month
  • Indoor - Climate control storage as needed
  • High ceilings - for boat & large equipment storage
  • Antique cars, trucks, boats, sail boats, trailers
  • Golf carts, RV's, snow mobiles, jet skies
  • Motor homes, pop-up trailers, vans, commercial vehicles
  • Seasonal businesses WELCOME
  • Snow removal

Outdoor Boat Storage

  • Boat 15 ft. and under $25
  • Boat 16 ft. to 25 ft. $45
  • Boat 26 ft. & up $70 approx.
  • Indoor storage negotiable
Outdoor Vehicle Storage
Vehicle Type Starting Price per Month
Camper $25
Car $25
Commercial Vehicle $50
Farm Equipment $25
Jetski $25
Motorcycle $25
Motorhome $50
Recreational vehicle $25
Snowmobile $25
Tractor Trailor $100
Trailers $25

Prices may vary depending on vehicle size. Multiple vehicle storage prices are offered separately.

Current Tenants

Chef Myron's Myron's Fine Foods manufactures and markets authentic cooking sauces with culinary integrity that empower professional and non-professional cooks to prepare superior foods faster and easier. Chef Myron's sauces are the purest, most flavorful, and honestly authentic version of Japanese culinary classics. Savor the exquisite flavor they impart to vegetables, seafood, meat, and chicken. You can visit their site at:
New England Koi and Pond Supply Specializing in backyard water features (regardless of their size), whether they are fountains, pond-less waterfalls, water gardens, goldfish ponds or whatever. We at New England Koi have pretty much gone the koi pond route but have been involved in all types of water features, many of which are available on this site and are easy and inexpensive to install and maintain. You can visit their site at:
Atlantic GroundSource, LLC "is dedicated to providing turnkey geothermal heat pump solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our team will design, install and maintain these highly-efficient, energy savings systems throughout the Northeast. We work only with the best manufacturers and contractors to achieve our goal of only the best for our customers."
Zak Marti - Pine Shop - Warehouse
Viking Ventures - retailer of compressed fire logs - Warehouse
George Scott - Warehouse
J&S Construction - Warehouse
Atlantic Equity Development - book distributor - Warehouse
BTS Productions - Nick Viens - Office
Rob Basemore & Emilee Dockery - Storage
Ben Ott - Office
Enoch $ Margo Sower - Storage
Crystallized Recordings, Avery Keimig - Office
Noah Grunberg - Storage
George Farrington - Outdoor Storage
Big V Pillows - Paul Richmond - Warehouse

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